Blog #1:Introduction to EnergiePad
07 March, 2018

Showing EngeriePad at the SEE Change conference held at the Royal Academy of Arts, 2016
What is EnergiePad?

The EnergiePad solution is a multi award-winning software innovation that uses sophisticated algorithms to study energy flows within buildings as well as internal and external energy demand variables to help businesses and homes reduce energy waste and improve energy efficiency.

Who can use EnergiePad?

Private, public and/or third party sector organisations or homes can use EnergiePad to become energy savvy. In general, any establishment or building that uses energy to operate will find EnergiePad very useful in achieving energy sustainability.

What are the benefits of using EnergiePad?

The benefits of the tool are enormous. In general it helps users to:

• Reduce energy bills
• Reduce emissions and environmental impacts
• Improve reputation for being green
• Improve employees or members awareness of energy issues
• Access cost-effective solutions for reducing energy use

A picture showing some insights generated by EnergiePad presented at the Green Tech Challenge programme held at law giant, Taylor Wessing, London, 2017.

What does my business or home need to do to gain access EnergiePad?

Any business or residential building wanting to use EnergiePad to become energy savvy have to sign-up via the sign-up page and pay the subscription fee. Once the user pays the subscription fee, login credentials will be sent to their registered email address.

Are users supported after paying the subscription fee?

Yes, once users subscribes to it, they will be assigned with an energy manager who will provide support to them all year aroundThe energy manager can also act as the business or building energy manager throughout the subscription period and help them address any energy issue that they may have - subject to terms and conditions.

Cinque Terre Written by Zakari Ajia, Inventor of EnergiePad,

a multi award-winning energy management product brought to you by GreenPad Enterprise. He is passionate about sustainability.