We have a lot of stakeholders and well wishers who are eager to see the launch of the product. As a result, we will use this section to keep them informed.
  • Research (2015 ongoing)

    We are keeping up-to- date with research and developments trends and we have refined the idea on several occasions.

  • Design (2016)

    Product have been designed to provide a complete energy management solution to businesses and homes.

  • Meetings (2016)

    Being a software product, we have met with data management companies on how to source and manage relevant energy data.

  • Marketing and Awareness (2015 ongoing)

    We have created meaningful contacts, which we hope to utilise once the product is launched. For example, the app was a finalist at the Business Green Technology Awards and we have identified Business Green as a platform for publicity. Also, the app was showcased at the Royal Academy of Arts and helped to generate contacts. Furthermore, the Shell LiveWIRE has been generating publicity for the app in countries around the world.

  • Developers (2017)

    We are working with Information Technology experts for the user experience and product development. And the product is under development.

  • Funding (2015 - ongoing)

    We are continuously looking for more funding, investors and associates to fuel the development, testing, marketing and launching states of EnergiePad.

  • Testing


  • Launch